Baroque in society.

Baroque music was used in society a lot from celebration to religion to politics, music was popular. The Four Seasons by Vivaldi is often used as a celebration song because each piece represents a season and celebration. Many composers who had firm jobs would, on their free time, just compose music for fun and be themselves. There weren’t many places for composers to work and write music, and the biggest employer was a religious place and most compositions/songs of the time were religious. That way lots of people heard the songs by going to church. Operas were often telling stories to big groups of people and they would be sometimes singing/telling of an event. Politicians also saw that people would listen to music a lot. They saw that as a good chance to advertise themselves and let people know about the politics. Politicians was the number two employer of composers. There was a lot of Baroque music throughout society and was used by a lot of people.


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