Baroque’s time importance.

This period of music brought a lot of changes to the musical and changes to the instruments themselves. The basso continuo was introduced and that is where there is a distinct bass line with a melody above it. We had the developement of operas and orchestras, up till now there were small ensembles and no lengthy performances. Also the concept of melody and harmony were really articulated and were involved in almost every piece. The violin family was invented during this era too. We had new instruments invented and old ones changed, there were new concepts added and overall the musical word was changed.


One response to “Baroque’s time importance.

  1. Based on whats written here I think Baroque music could be compared to some rap music. They both have a prominent baseline except rap’s baseline isn’t created with instruments. I also noticed that much like the Classical Era, the Baroque Era also introduced many changes to music. Comment left by Nate.

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