Why is it called 20th century music?

It is described as the “age of musical diversity” composers had more creative freedom. They were more willing to experiment with new music forms or reinvent music forms of the past. They took the advantages of the resources and technology that were available to them. There was also advanced technology for recording and distributing music as well as dramatic innovations in musical forms and styles.


3 responses to “Why is it called 20th century music?

  1. This is very similar to what I’ve been reading. I think it’s interesting that this was the era that people could start breaking the rules in music. I thought it would’ve been sooner but music was pretty strict until now. ~madison

  2. This era of music rely is extremely diverse and it is so diverse because of the advances in technology that is talked about. Without this diversity the music world wouldn’t be what it is today. -Nate

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