The Importance of 20th Century Music

This was a big era for changes in music. People started to record their music so it was not limited to operas-houses, concerts and clubs. It became possible for peoples’ music to be globally popular, quite fast. It brought many experiments to music that challenged the rules of music. Amplification of music allowed for bigger and better concerts and technology allowed for music to be distributed faster to fans and other musicians. Inexpensive production gave rich and poor equal, high-quality music performances.


3 responses to “The Importance of 20th Century Music

  1. I think your spot on with the reasons that this era of music was important. Because of new technology 20th century music rely changed the world, and opened the world to all different types of music.-Nate

  2. Amanda
    Its good that the music became more popular. Thats probably better for society because then they would be able to hear the music more and be able to go to concerts and see the artists perform.

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