My Thoughts on Renaissance Music

I think this music is very interesting. The way it sounds is intriguing because it has a bouncy feel to it, but at the same time, is very mysterious. I like this music because it has many different elements to it. The melody pulls you into the song and makes you want to hear more. The rhythm is easy to find and stay with. The many different voices and sounds keep you interested. I feel like this music is how we have the music we have today. If people wouldn’t have started composing the types of music they wanted, all music would be the same. People now have the ability to express themselves through music and I feel that sometimes music can speak louder than words.


2 responses to “My Thoughts on Renaissance Music

  1. From my research in classical music i thought that the music of the classical era influenced a lot of the music in our modern era just like you thought the Renaissance music influenced out modern era. Because of that I think all the musical eras played a role in our modern era in some way shape or form.-Nate.

  2. Danica
    I agree with Nate about each era has a role to play, but I can understand how the Renaissance era has a really big role, that is the time that we started to learn and be our own man.

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