Baroque and the instruments/voices.

A lot of what we have today for instruments they used during the Baroque era. They had strings: cello, viol, bass, but the violin family wasn’t invented untill the end of the 1600’s. They had keyboards: clavichord (metal wedge striking against string, dynamics, weak sounding), organ, harpsichord (two manual keyboards, no dynamics, strong sounding), and the piano. They had woodwinds: bassoon, flute, oboe, lute, horns, trumpets, and trombones. Surprisingly the only percussion for the time was timpani. Th voices of the time were basically the same as we have today, but women could not go on stage so castrati (male singers castrated before manhood, they could sing as loud as a man but were as beautiful and high as a woman) played women roles on stage. Our instruments have not changed too much since the Baroque era.


One response to “Baroque and the instruments/voices.

  1. Amanda
    Interesting. That sucks that women werent allowed to sing but whatever. Its interesting that a lot of the instruments they use we still use today.

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