Bach and Vivaldi in the Baroque era.

Two composers that stuck out in my mind as really good/famous composers of the Baroque era were, Johann Sebastian Bach and Antonio Vivaldi.

Johann Sebastian Bach lived from 1685-1750. His music experience started out as a child, he played the organ, clavichord and sang in the church choir. When he was 15 he was able to support himself with his music jobs and had many organist jobs. He was 60 years old before he was first introduced to the piano. He also had eye complications and had surgery to try to fix it, but he died after that and his eyes were not fixed. He wrote concertos (groups of soloists and orchestra), oratorios (extended musical drama with religion), fugues (repeating of one theme throughout many different instruments), and probably many others, these are just his most common. People often refer to him as the “father of counterpoint”. Johann Sebastian Bach was a very succesful man and lots of people refer to him as one of the greatest composers of all times.

Antonio Vivaldi lived from 1680-1743. He was an Italian composer and he had composed about 750 pieces of music. If you listen to some of his pieces you often hear that a violin has the lead role, well Vivaldi was a violinist himself. He would write solo violin concertos (violin as solo and orchestra behind it). His belief for music was that the solo and orchestra should be in musical conflict, as you often hear in his works. Four Seasons is a four-part concert that is each named after a season; La Primavera, L’estate, L’inverno, and L’autunno. Four Seasons is the piece that he is the most recognized for. Antonio Vivaldi, in my opinion, is one of the best composers of the Baroque era.

These are just two composers of this time, there were many more and each as special as these two.


3 responses to “Bach and Vivaldi in the Baroque era.

  1. I like how you compared the two composers. The way you explained each really helped me get a feel of each of the composers’ styles and even what the music during that time was like. You also clarified what types of instruments were used which helps me to know what the music was like and which composers favored which instruments. ~Madison

  2. Quite interesting i didn’t know Bach had surgery to attempt to fix his eye problems. Also i didn’t realize that he wasn’t introduced to the piano until so late in his life.- Nate.

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