What I think of Middle Age music and stuff…

I liked most of the Middle Age music I listened to but not all of it.  I heard polyphonic texture that created some interesting flavor and phrasing. There were dynamics and They were kinda at the same time and I thought it made the whole song sound a whole lot less bland and detract from the emotion of the song


2 responses to “What I think of Middle Age music and stuff…

  1. Danica
    That is interesting, so the texture was different and the phrasing if different of the kinds we have now? I think it is cool that you like some other music, I can tell that you really do appreciate this music, well most of it. I will have to look up some Middle Ages music to listen to since you gave such a good review.

  2. It sounds like the texture and phrasing of your era of music is quite different from the classical era. The way you describe this era of music is very interesting and it makes me want to listen to some of this era’s music. -Nate

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