Renaissance Music in Society

Music had a very important role in the Renaissance era because there were many uses for it. Some people used music as a past time, for others, music was their occupation. Music was a way for people to tell stories. People became more interested in learning. Michael Praetorius (1571-1621) and Tielman Susato                (1500-1561) would be some of the examples of musicians at this time. They wrote some of the best dance music of this time. Many of these songs were improved and later carried on into the Baroque era of dance music. Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina wrote his music a little differently than most of the composers at this time. Instead of using vocal lines with popular melodies that sound similar, each voice would have a chant like melody and would sound unique. 


One response to “Renaissance Music in Society

  1. Danica
    When I think of Renaissance I do think of light hearted feeling like thing. I can see why, if the major production of music was dance, then that would expain the light dancy feeling.

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