Instruments Used in the Renaissance Era

There were many different instruments used during the Renaissance era. The instruments had to have certain characteristics which would include a melodic range that was wider than vocal range, a much freer treatment of dissonance, and there were exceedingly long and rapid scale passages. The most commonly used types of instruments were keyboards, strings and winds. There were bowed strings and plucked strings. The recorder was the most important wind instrument of this time. It could be used in many different kinds of music. Other memorable wind instruments were the shawm and cromorn (which were double reed instruments), coronets (which were soft toned instruments made of wood), and early trumpets and trombones. Organs and keyboards could be found in churches. There were several forms of music during this time: dance music, cantus firmus, improvisational, and variation forms. Each having its own characteristics and sounds to differ them from one another.


One response to “Instruments Used in the Renaissance Era

  1. wow, they sure used a lot of different instruments unlike mine there was more singing in the romantic era. The only instruments that were important in my era was the piano and violin. lol

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