Background on the Classical era

The Classical era of music lasted from 1750 to 1820.  Even though is only lasted 70 years a substantial change of music was made during this period. In classical music clarity was stressed with regards to melodic expression and instrumental color. During the era, Orchestral music became much more popular. The Orchestra in this era also changed, by gaining many new instruments as permanent editions. At this time in history change was a popular topic and not only in music, but in many other things changes were taking place throughout society. Below is a wonderful picture of Fanny and Felix Mendelssohn who lived during the Classical era of music.

Fanny and Felix Mendelssohn relied on each other to shape their very different musical careers.


2 responses to “Background on the Classical era

  1. From what I understand, this era was very important to music. It sounds like this was the reason for changes in music even today. This was very informative! ~Madison

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